Laser Engraving FAQ

  1. What does it cost?
  2. What is your turnaround or lead time?
  3. Do you charge by characters?
  4. How large of an object can you engrave?
  5. Can you engrave photos and images?
  6. What file format should I provide my artwork in?
  7. Can you etch into metal?
  8. What types of wood are best for engraving?
  9. Can you source materials for my project?
  10. Can you engrave firearms?
  11. What fonts can you engrave?

 What does it cost?

The minimum charge for all orders is $100.

We charge based on machine time. Larger jobs are billed at less than $2 per minute of machine time. A one-time setup and jig fee of $100 may apply to larger jobs, but will save you money in the long run by minimizing machine time.

Please Contact Us for a custom quote.

 What is your turn around or lead time?

Our standard turn around time is approximately 5 business days, but larger jobs may require more time to complete.

Depending on current workload, rush jobs are also possible for an additional fee.

 Do you charge by characters?

Unlike most engraving companies, we do not charge by characters or lines.

Our prices are determined by machine time, which can vary depending on several factors.

The minimum charge for all orders is $100.

 How large of an object can you engrave?

We can engrave almost any object with an engraving area up to 40" wide x 24" long x 12" tall. Our large laser has pass through making engraving on large panels or doors able to be engraved.

 Can you engrave photos and images?

Asbolutely! For best results, we recommend supplying a high resolution photo (300 DPI or higher).

 What file format should I provide my artwork in?

For most jobs, a vector format such as EPS, AI (Adobe Illustrator), DWG, or PDF is required. If vector artwork is not available, our graphic design team can vectorize your images or re-create the artwork for an additional fee starting at $35 (the vectorized artwork is yours to keep).

For photographs, any image format at a resolution of 300 DPI or higher is preferred.

 Can you etch into metal?

We can etch and deep-engrave almost any type metal, including engraving serial numbers into firearms that meet the ATF required minimum depth of 0.003".

We can laser mark most coated metals by lasering through the coated layer (anodizing, cerakote, paint, powdercoat, etc).

We can create non-destructive, surface-only (completely smooth), permanent black marks using an annealing process with our fiber laser. This is an excellent choice for stainless steel items, titanium items, and medical instruments in particular.

We can also create a permanent black mark on bare metals using an additive technique which involves laser-bonding black ceramic glaze to the metal. This produces a very durable, weatherproof marking that cannot be removed without removing a layer of metal.

 What types of wood are best for engraving?

While we can mark just about any type of wood, the following types of wood will create the best contrast and cleanest image:

  • Cherry
  • Alder
  • Hard Maple
  • Pacific Coast Maple
  • Basswood
  • Walnut

 Can you source materials for my project?

Yes, we can work with local and nationwide suppliers to source almost any material for you.

We also normally stock common types of acrylic, plastics, and black anodized aluminum. Please contact us for further information or for a quote.

 Can you engrave firearms?

Yes! We can laser mark or deep-engrave any firearm with our fiber laser.

We can meet the 0.003" minimum engraving depth requirements for firearm serial numbers, gun trust titles, model, caliber, and other information required by the ATF.

All weapons must be unloaded and disassembled before bringing them into our facility for engraving. Only the portion being engraved needs to be provided.

 What fonts can you engrave?

We can engrave any supplied font as well as most standard fonts in our library. Visit to select a free font for your engraving.